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Offering a Wide Range of Quality
Dog Supplies


Stop by the store today to see some

of the dog products we carry!


While we do offer a wide range of dog supplies, we do not sell dogs. Our philosophy is that our customers would be best served by obtaining a dog from a reputable breeder, shelter or rescue group. We wouldn't purchase a dog from a pet store, so why should we ask our customers to do so? If you are looking for a canine friend, check out to find a local shelter or rescue group.

Stop by our store today to check out what our staff and store has to offer you! Here is a list of just some of the product lines we carry:

  • Variety of top quality frozen dog food.
  • Keep your pet free of pesky critters with flea & tick products including Advantage.
  • Clean up those puppy mishaps with one of our quality cleaners, featuring Nature's Miracle.

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