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Our Great Service Begins with
Our Belief in Animal Welfare


We fully support adoption and is held in our

philosophy that our feline and canine friends

should be obtained from a breeder.

About Our Philosophy

Our philosophy begins with our belief that good service is more than a just a smile. Good service begins in offering only the highest quality products that promote good health and care for our customers’ animals. Behind each smile, our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have in all facets of animal care and products.

Here at Fins, Feathers, Paws & Claws Inc., it is our goal to help each customer make the best decisions for you and your pet. Wanting what's best for you is also reflected in our belief that pet stores should not sell puppies or kittens. We believe that it is in the best interest of our customers for them to obtain their feline and canine friends from a reputable breeder, a shelter or a rescue group. We fully support adoption and feel that since we would never obtain our pets from anywhere other than a reputable breeder, shelter or a rescue group, why should we ask our customers to? If you are looking for a pet, please check out to help give a dog or cat the second chance they deserve.

In an effort to properly represent our stores, all photos on our website are either actual photos from our store or photos of animals that we sell or sell supplies for.

Below are just a few pictures of our dedicated employees: